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Beauty Essentials

Hair Removal

ThreadingFrom: £8.50
Threading is gentler on the skin than other methods of hair removal. Suitable for sensitive skin as no products are involved to cause a reaction. Hair does not need to be as long as required for waxing. Threading gives a more blended result as it leaves the finest hairs behind, which looks more natural. You will also benefit from less recovery time as the skin is not as sensitive as with waxing.

WaxingFrom: £5.00
A quick and temporary way of removing unwanted hair! Removes hairs at root level leaving skin smoother and softer. Results may last between four and six weeks until re-growth appears.
NB It is recommended to leave at least three weeks growth before treatment to maximise results.

Electrolysis - From: £8.00
Electrolysis works by passing a small amount of energy into the hair follicle through a very fine needle. Effective on small areas, with regular treatments, the hair is weakened and softened, which gradually lessens hair re-growth.