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Lipo Firm Plus

The Credible Alternative to Liposuction creating INCH LOSS, BODY CONTOURING and SKIN TIGHTENING – all in ONE SYSTEM! From: £50.00

How Does It Work?

The new Lipofirm Plus cavitation is the ultimate solution for non-invasive inch loss, body sculpting and cellulite removal. It
uses ultrasonic waves to instantly and permanently destroy fat cells providing clients a convenient non-invasive, no-down time solution to reduce localised fat deposits and body circumference. The machine works with ultrasounds that form bubbles in the tissues where the fat cells are located. The bubble expands and is immediately compressed afterwards. The temperature increases due to sudden variation in pressure and the bubble implodes. This implosion damages the fat cells, reducing the localised adiposity, the contents of the fat cell (tryglycerides) spill out from the broken cell membrane where they are transported through the bodys natural metabolic functions.

After cavitation has destroyed the fat cells, radio frequencyis performed on the area. This is a new high tech non surgical approach to skin tightening with immediate and measurable results. By creating a field of deep dermal heating, radio frequency encourages immediate collagen and elastin improvements. It is a safe, no down time procedure which is great for the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, reduction of double chin or jowls and general tightening of loose/saggy skin on the face or body.

The treatment process:

To assess your suitability we first carry out a thorough and confidential consultation which will involve measuring statistics in the area to be treated. The treatment is extremely comfortable and pain free and the only experience is that of gentle warmth. Radio Frequency is used following cavitation and is a non-invasive way
of tightening loose or lax skin on area of neck, decollete, face and body. It is a great way of reducing fine lines and wrinkles, enlarged pores, acne grade 1 and 2, improving skin tone and texture as well as dull skin.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many treatments will I need?

To see maximum results a course of 8 treatments is recommended per body area and 6 on the face and treatments should be taken at regular intervals

Which areas of the body can be treated?

The Lipofirm Plus cavitation can be performed on calves, knees, thigh, buttocks, stomach, arms, back and chin with the radio frequency treatment performed on the neck, decollete, face, eye and lip areas and body.

Can everyone have the treatment?

Our experienced Lipofirm therapist will go through a full health and medical questionnaire with you before your first treatment to ensure you are suitable for the treatment. This will also include a detailed description of the treatment and time for any questions you may have

Does it hurt?

The Lipofirm Plus treatment is an extremely comfortable treatment and the only sensation you willfeel is a slight warmth

Is it suitable for men and women?

The Lipofirm treatment works equally well for both

What inch loss could I achieve from this treatment?
This will vary from person to person depending on your size, but the results from the treatment will be greatly improved by your commitment.
Some people have been known to lose as much as 16 inches in the abdominal area.