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From: £8.00
A quick and temporary way of removing unwanted hair. Removes hairs at root level leaving skin smoother and softer. Results may last between four and six weeks until re-growth appears.
NB: It is recommended to leave at least three weeks growth before treatment to maximise results.

  • Eyebrows
  • Back and Shoulders
  • Chest
  • Abdomen


St Tropez Ultimate Air Tan – Full Body/Half BodyFrom: £17.00
Do not confuse St Tropez with any other spray tan!
St Tropez works in a different way, making your own skin colour produce a “real” natural looking glow. With the correct aftercare at home, results can last up to seven days. Suitable for all skin types!

NB Patch test recommended for those who have never had the treatment before.
Preparation of the skin is a must for the perfect tan.
DO NOT exfoliate, moisturise, wax or shave on the day of the tan.
DO NOT apply aftershave or deodorant on the day of the treatment.
Wear LOOSE, DARK clothing and open toe shoes after.
A full range of St Tropez products are available to purchase for home use